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6th Annual Speckled Trout Challenge




It’s that time of year again for the 6thAnnual Speckled Trout Challenge. This will be the sixth year for the event and we’re very excited to make this year the biggest so far. Each year since fall of 2008 the event has grown with more Speckled Trout anglers joining the fun. Last year, the winner took home over $2,000 in Cash and Prizes for just a small Entry Fee of $50. During last year’s event we experienced some of the best Speckled Trout fishing this area has ever seen and it’s shaping up for another great Speckled Trout Season. So, again it’s going to be anybody’s game at the top prize.


Some new exciting changes going to take place for this year’s event:


The Winner of this year’s event will win a replica mount of there winning fish. Dog Island Art Works in Bouge, NC will donate the mount of the winning catch. You can check out their work at www.dogislandartworks.comto see what you can expect your winning fish to look like.


On top of that we’re going to start a “Wall Of Fame” in the shop for the Speckled Trout Challenge. Each year we’re going to have the winning fish mounted to keep on display at the shop. So, that means the winner will take home a repiclia of the winning fish and one will stay at the shop with your name and weight of the fish on it for display. The fish will stay on display for years and years to come for people to see from all over the world.


We also added a “Last Place Fish “. Simple if you get last place you’re going to win a Star Seagis Rod and Penn Tackle Bag; which retails over $200. We thought that would be something different that you don’t see in tournaments to give a little more excitement in the event. Also, making the event not only on the largest fish. Pretty good deal when you can come in last place and triple your money. 


One other thing we’ve done is extended the tournament to January 5th2014 instead of December 31st. We did this because several anglers suggested extending the event to include the holidays since many are on vacation at this time and want to fish. So that’s going to give all the anglers an extra week to fish.


We’re still going to have the “Wild Card Trout” each month this isn’t all about the biggest fish since last year we never picked a weight over 4lbs.  We’ll pick a random weight each month and whoever is the closest to the weight at the end of the month will win a “FREE Tsunami Trout Rod”.


So, come and join the fun in the 6thAnnual Speckled Trout Challenge. This is a no pressure fun event for the whole family. Fish anytime between September 1stthrough January 5thfrom boat, surf, shore or pier it doesn’t matter as long you’re fishing in North Carolina.  Rules are posted on website. 

Each year I’ve heard I’m not going to enter because there’s no chance to win. Well, in the last 5 years that hasn’t been the case at all. The top ten over the last 5 years have been from local to anglers that live 200 miles away from the coast. We’ve had two past winners that fished from the land. We’ve had lady anglers take home prizes and anglers that have never even caught a trout before take home prizes. So, remember this Tournament is for everybody so no need to feel like you don’t have a chance because you do. So come by Chasin’ Tails Outdoors today: sign-up and join the fun.