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" 2nd Annual Chasin Tails Outdoors Cobia Challenge"  


The event is for the fisherman who wants low pressure and fun for every angler, no matter if you are a beginner or a veteran Cobia angler. A low ENTRY FEE - $50. and a 100% PAYOUT that all goes back to the fisherman. You can use Live Bait, Dead Bait or Arificial it does not matter.  The coolest thing about this tournament you have over two months of prime time Cobia fishing.  You can fish anytime while the tournament is going on before work, after work, in the afternoons, on the weekend or during the weekday or even night.  That’s what makes the event low pressure you fish on your time whenever is best for you.  The tournament begins April 1st  –  June 10th  with the entry fee of $50.00 and 100% payout.    I have done some research over the last three years of Cobia citation fish that have been weighed in here at the shop and we have seen Cobia showing up in mid- April over the past years.  

Yes, some might think that the first of April is too early but with the mild winter that we have had and the water temperature higher than normal who knows when the Cobia run might start. I want to make sure each angler that signs up doesn't miss out on any good fishing.  The tournament will end on June 11th as a fellow customer gave me that ideal because I was going to end it at the end of May.  But as I did more research over the last few years there have been some very large Cobia caught those first two weeks of June. There again we are giving the anglers just more prime time fishing times to come out on top.

 One big thing to remember about this tournament you don’t have to be a local angler and just fish around Atlantic Beach to enter. It’s for any Cobia angler that fishes in North Carolina waters. Say, you fish south of the area or north it doesn't matter as long as the fish is caught in North Carolina waters.  Now the fish has to be weighed in at Chasin Tails Outdoors Bait & Tackle on our official weigh station scale to count in the tournament. Weigh in times will be anytime the shop is open. Well, you might think how do I get a fish there to weigh in. You will have 24 hours grace time to bring the fish by Chasin Tails Outdoors Bait & Tackle to be weighed in if you are fishing out of the area. The 24-hour grace period will give the angler time to get by the shop if they need it.  

The winner of the event will be the angler that weighs in the largest fish of the tournament. But this is not just about catching the largest fish. There will be no limits of fish being weighed if you catch one 50lbs one day and one 60lbs the next the bigger fish will count. 

Some might say, well I'm not going to enter because I've never caught a big cobia before. Well, we have thrown something in the mix to make each month very exciting a "WILD CARD" fish. What this is going to be is a fish weight that we will pick each month for a chance to win a Billfisher Cobia Rod. This wild card fish is not about the biggest fish it will be just a random weight picked it could be 30lbs, 38lbs, 42lbs or 56lbs who knows what it will be.  I can guarantee each month it's not going to be some crazy heavy weight. The winner will be the angler that weighs in a fish right on the weight or closest to the weight picked each month.    

We have some great sponsors that have came on board with us to make this event a success.  We are going to guarantee the 1st Place winner will take home a $400 retail value hand picked top of the line Cobia Combo. Along with 60% of the cash prize which could add up to $3000 if we have 100 anglers entering. The cash prize could be even more if we have more have 100 entries.  Star Rod is going to donate a Plasma Rod, the finest rod they make. The Plasma series is available in inshore, offshore and jigging style rods. Due to the success of incorporating Basalt fiber into the Plasma jigging rod blanks, they've now added it to the entire Plasma series. Basalt fiber is superior to other fibers in aspects of strength, stability and tenacity. Basalt is a naturally occurring volcanic rock found throughout the world. The rock is melted and spun into continuous extremely fine fibers, which are used throughout the rods. Basalt fibers are known for their exceptional durability with resistance to heat, moisture and UV light. Custom made with the best components money can buy. 

 Along with the Star Rod, Penn Reels is going to donate a Battle 6000 to combo up with the rod. Full metal body and sideplates keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads. Superline Spool – No backing needed because of the rubber gasket keeps superline from slipping machined and anodized aluminum spool, HT-100 drag washers providing a smooth drag under heavy loads, Stainless steel main shaft 6 sealed stainless steel ball bearings, Infinite anti-reverse Techno-balanced rotor gives smooth retrieve machined anodized aluminum handle with soft touch knob. This reel was one of Penn’s top sellers last year and one of the best reels they have ever put out on the market. Along with all of this we are going to spool it up with some Suffix 832 Braid. 

2nd Place we will guarantee a Ugly Stick Tiger Light Cobia Rod Value at $79.99 along with 30% of the Cash Payout. 

  3rd Place we will guarantee a Tsunami Trophy Series Cobia Rod Value at $ 69.99 along with 10% of Cash Payout. 

  4th Place we will guarantee a Tsunami Trophy Series Cobia Rod Value at $ 69.99. Tsunami rods are Premium quality construction, components and performance are all precision designed into the TSUNAMI TROPHY Series of rods produced exclusively by Bimini Bay Outfitters Performance Products. Tough unidirectional graphite blanks deliver increased sensitivity, toughness, power and strength to overcome trophy size gamefish. Light weight and strength mean less angler fatigue while fighting the biggest fish with better energy transfer and more force directed to the fish. The high modulus graphite aids in refining each rod action to assure the best of energy storage and transfer on every cast or during the longest and toughest fight. 

 5th Place we will guarantee a Penn Tackle Bag value at $59.99 

  6th – 10th Places will receive some great tackle packages from Sea Striker, Berkley Gulp and Berkley Power Bait. Along with this Blue Water Candy is going to donate some custom Cobia Bucktails that are some of the best bucktails on the market and Cobia "Love" them.  All of the anglers that finish in the top ten will receive a framed picture of their catch to go along with their prizes. 

Remember the tournament will be a 100% PAYOUT we keep nothing we are putting this tournament on for the anglers to have some fun during this cobia season. The amounts could be huge it's all about how many anglers enter the event. The more that enter the bigger the pot will be; so keep that in mind tell all your friends and with your help this could be some serious prize money at the end just for a $50 ENTRY FEE.  You can come by the shop and sign up at anytime official fishing time starts April 1st. There will be a 3-day grace time from the day you sign up. This just prevents anyone coming in with a huge Cobia trying to weigh it before entering the tournament.   

We want to make this fair for all the anglers in the event, so just remember you have to be signed up 3 days before you can start weighing fish. There is no deadline to sign up this means you can sign up anytime before April 1st – June 11th.

 So if you like to Cobia fish come on by Chasin Tails Outdoors Bait & Tackle and sign up today for the "1st Annual Cobia Challenge". This is a low-key event for the serious Cobia fisherman or the angler that just likes to get out and catch fish. If you Cobia fish at all you need to enter this event help us make it a 2012 success. Just remember Cobia fishing is so unpredictable an angler just going out for their first Cobia trip could take home the top prize. You just never know when the Cobia are coming through the area or what size you are going to catch. 

Come by the shop if anyone has any question and needs help getting ready for Cobia Season. Our Professional Staff can hands on help you get what you need. We have a large section of Bucktails from Spro & Blue Water Candy custom Bucktails. Along with 6” & 8” Grubs Tails to go along with them in lots of great Cobia colors. Along with some a few secret baits that have worked great over last few years. We stock Fresh Shad & will have Peeler crabs on hand during the season. We have allot to chose from low cost to top of the line outfits. Also keep a check at and our facebook page to keep up where the hot bite is going on this Cobia Season and to keep up with the Leader Board of the 1st Annul Cobia Challenge.  

 Hope to see you weighing your Cobia of a lifetime this spring!